Current World Population  Jesus died for all. (1 John 2:2) 


Nurture the New Christians

  1. Baptize your new Christians as soon as possible after they get saved. Baptize during the Sunday morning service if your church has the facilities to do so. It is very encouraging to a congregation to see baptisms 2-4 times every month.
  2. Begin a 13-week rotating "New Life Class" for new believers.
    1. Teach the same material every quarter
    2. Invite the new Christian to start as soon as they are saved and stay in the class 13 weeks. It doesn’t matter which week in the series they start. They will get it all if they stay in the class for 13 weeks. Then get them into another class.  Things to cover in the New Life Class:
      1. Review of Salvation and the Assurance of Salvation
      2. Baptism
      3. Prayer - We talk to God
      4. Bible Study - God talks to us
      5. Can I Trust My Bible?
      6. The church
      7. Tithing and Stewardship
      8. Soul winning
      9. Bible Content - cover Genesis to Revelation in 1 lesson
      10. Overcoming sin - 1 John 1:9
      11. Handling discouragement in the Christian life
    3. You might want to get them into a second class for new believers at the end of 13 weeks. My favorite is a 52-week class in Systematic Theology for lay people. I call it, What the Bible Teaches. It’s deep enough to give them a good grounding in the faith. It’s not so deep that it is not interesting, however. Too many Christians don't know what they are supposed to believe in. I have received more positive comments from these theology classes than anything I have ever taught. Even seasoned saints tell me they have learned more about the Bible in What the Bible Teaches than they learned in any class in their entire lives. (It's not my teaching - it's the subject and the approach... meaty, but not too deep). This, too, is part of the Great Commission. We are teaching new believers the things the Lord taught us.