Current World Population  Jesus died for all. (1 John 2:2) 


Sync Your Church's Priorities With God's

building an evangelistic churchOne of the reasons we have made such little impact on the world is that God has made such a little impact on us. It's not God's fault. It's ours. We have done it to ourselves.

The things that are the most important to God are not the things that are most important in many churches. The 3 Components of the Great Commission are the most important things we can be doing in God's church and with His money. This 3 things are (Matt. 28:18-19):

  1. Winning the lost to Christ
  2. Baptizing them after they get saved
  3. Teaching, training and maturing them in Christ

Everything else - everything else is secondary. What is secondary? The building, the music program, worship (that's right - worship), the sound system, the groups in the church, the recreation program, and anything else the church is doing. And it is all to be bathed in prayer.

Here are the questions we ought to be asking:

  1. Are God's priorities in Scripture the same as our church's priorities?
  2. What do we need to change in our church to sync our priorities with His?
  3. What can we do to get the people to "buy in," so we are together in the changes?
  4. What are the steps we will need to take, and what is our timeline?
  5. How quickly can we start?

1. Does Your Church Need to Repent?

Great revivals have started when God's people corporately repented. If your church has not made reaching the lost the priority that it is, it's time to repent of the sin of not sharing the Gospel faithfully as God commanded. Don't compare your church with other churches and decide you don't need to repent. Compare your church wih  the Wod of God. Then, REPENT IF NEEDED!

Expect Great Things from God. Attempt Great Things for God.

William Carey's Life Motto.

2. Expect God to Do a Mighty Work

William Carey accomplished great things for God as the first Christian missionary in India since apostolic times. One of the reasons he accomplished such great things for God is that he expected God to do a mighty work through him. God honored his faith and his diligence.

Expecting God to work in your church and ministry means you are believing Him. Lead your congregation to expect God to do great things in your church.

3. Prioritize Your Church Budget with God's Priorities

Here's a question: Which is more important - evangelism or choir robes?
OK, now which one does your church spend more money on - evangelism or choir robes?

 Budget as much money as possible on winning the lost to Christ. Use it for evangelistic events, special speakers for the events, advertising for the events, soul winning training materials for your people, welcome dinners to bond with new Christians, Gospel tracts, etc.

Here's a side benefit. Not only is it honoring God's priority, it's a good business decision. When more people get saved, the attendance grows and offerings increase. Of course, this is not the reason we do it, but evangelism is the only budget item in the church that can add to the financial health of the church.