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  • Soul winners helps and tools for soul winning Christians who want to evangelize the lost, fulfill the Great Commission and reach the world for Christ.
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  • Get information and updates to help you participate in the Great Commission.
  • Soul winners helps and tools for soul winning Christians who want to evangelize the lost
  • Doctinal statement of with soul winners helps and tools for soul winning Christians who want to evangelize the lost
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  • God's methods, followed in the Book of Acts, caused the church to grow exponentially. If we go back to the methods that worked then and adapt them to 21st Century, there is no reason we can't see exponential growth again.
  • The early Christians were accused of turning the world upside down because their commitment to soul winning evangelism, the power of the Gospel, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the power of Multiplication.
  • Soul winning evangelism and follow up of new converts is THE business of the church. It's God''s plan as expressed in the Great Commission.
  • Prayer is essential for power in doing the work of God in obeying the Great Commission.
  • How to prepare the church for a soul winning outreach ministry to reach the community for Christ.
  • The job of the pastor and the church is to train, encourage and support the ministry of the members to win the lost to Christ.
  • Regular evangelistic services are an integral part of the local church's ministry to the community.
  • It's not enough to preach the Gospel and get professions of faith. The Great Commission requires us to win people to Christ and then disciple them to become mature, fruitful Christians who are actively involved in Great Commission work themselves.
  • You don't have to put your brain in reverse to become a Christian. It is just the opposite. There are many exciting evidences for the truth of the Bible and the reasonableness of Biblical Christianity that skeptics don't know about and don't want to face.
  • Soul winning tips and tidbits from various sources. Things we can do to help reach more people for Christ.
  • We need to use every means at our disposal to take the Gospel to every person we possibly can.
  • Personal evangelism is a Scriptural soul winning method that every Christian needs to practice today.
  • A local church with an effective evangelism program is a powerful tool in the hands of God to accomplish His purpose in the world.
  • Too often the Internet is a tool for evil. The Church needs to make use of this method for taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
  • Sermons by Bob Sharpe
  • A number of great Christian books are now available free because they have become public domain. Here are some free downloads.
  • Articles on soul winning, the Great Commission, revival and prayer.
  • Revival is the outpouring of the Spirit of God in such a powerful way that Christians forsake their sins and get thoroughly committed to God's purpose in their lives. The effect is so great that entire cities sometimes get saved.
  • In the early 1800's, America had drifted into atheistic secularism. God used Charles Finney to bring revival that changed the face of America for over 100 years. Finney explains what revival is in this article.
  • How a great move of the Holy Spirit changed the face of society in the Hebrides in the 1950's.
  • The nature of revival and how we can have it.
  • Prayer changes things. Prayer changes people. It has been said that nothing great is ever accomplished for God without prayer.
  • If your prayer life has been languishing, take 5 minutes and read this practical article.
  • God wants all of us to make an impact on the world for Jesus. These articles will help you see some of the things you can do to represent Jesus in the world.
  • In the Jerusalem church, people were getting saved every day (Acts 2:47). It can happen today, but it's up to us to make it happen. The truth is, God doesn't work through us until we work.
  • This article describes a way many churches in the Chicago area reached out and won many souls to Christ. It was written in 1967 by C. Sumner Wemp, of Moody Bible Insitute and reprinted with permission of Moody Monthly Magazine.
  • An outline of Scriptural ways to evangelize the lost.
  • Giving an invitation, or altar call, is a Scriptural way to win souls to Christ through preaching. This article shows why it is Scriptural, and why it is unscriptural to not give an invitation when preaching.
  • Jacob DeShazer, one of Doolittle's Raiders in World War II became a Christian through reading the Bible in a Japanese prison camp. He went back to Japan as a missionary. The Japanese leader in the Pearl Harbor attack read his testimony and became a Christian. The two later teamed up to evangelize Japan.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people were saved under the ministry of D. L. Moody. In this presentation, R.A. Torrey explains the reasons why Moody was so effective in winning people to Christ.
  • This series of short stories of soul winning can encourage and train you to do God's work. Most of them were written by Dr. Walter Wilson, a medical doctor who gave up his practice of healing bodies for a ministry of healing souls.
  • We are available to preach on soul winning and building a Great Commission Church. Have an "Operation Andrew Weekend" and change your church.
  • How to schedule a meeting to revitalize your church for evangelism.
  • Frequently asked questions about soul winning evangelism and the Great Commission.
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