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evangelistic churchSupport Your People's Soul Winning Efforts

When church people make their Great Commission Commitment, the pastor and church need to be 100% supportive. Here are the ways that can be done

1. Plan Quarterly Evangelistic Events

More about this in the next section.

2. Pair Each of Your Participants with a "Ministry Buddy"

  1. Ministry buddies pray for each other's list of 5 every day.
  2. Ministry buddies pray together for their lists of 5 once a week, in person or over the phone.
  3. Ministry buddies encourage each other regularly.
  4. Ministry buddies keep each other accountable.

3. Pray for the Quarterly Evangelistic Events in Every Service

Of course the prayer invokes the blessing of God on the event. It also accomplishes some other things:

  1. It impresses on people the importance of winning the lost
  2. It impresses the importance of the event
  3. It encourages people to pray for souls to be saved in their private devotions
  4. It reminds the people to continue to pray and prepare for the event.

4. Encourage your people. Don't harangue them.

The sheep of your flock need to be encouraged, led and fed. Not beaten and criticized.

5. Make the Events Interesting So that People Will Want to Come

Suggestions... invite a famous person to give their testimony, special music event, Gospel magician, drama team, etc. This is one of the reasons you need to have money in your Evangelism Budget. If you invite someone to come and speak or testify, make sure they are good Christians with strong testimonies.

6. Provide Quality Advertising Flyers for the Events

Have them in the hands of your people 3 weeks in advance. Ask them to invite the 5 people they have been praying for. Encourage them to invite other people too.