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Articles on Evangelism

  • A Soul a Day the Bible Way
    In the Jerusalem church, people were getting saved every day (Acts 2:47). It can happen today, but it's up to us to make it happen. The truth is, God doesn't work through us until we work.
  • Faith Promise Soul Winning
    This article describes a way many churches in the Chicago area reached out and won many souls to Christ. It was written in 1967 by C. Sumner Wemp, of Moody Bible Insitute and reprinted with permission of Moody Monthly Magazine.
  • Making the Most of Our Opportunities
    An outline of Scriptural ways to evangelize the lost.
  • Giving an Invitation
    Giving an invitation, or altar call, is a Scriptural way to win souls to Christ through preaching. This article shows why it is Scriptural, and why it is unscriptural to not give an invitation when preaching.
  • The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor
    Jacob DeShazer, one of Doolittle's Raiders in World War II became a Christian through reading the Bible in a Japanese prison camp. He went back to Japan as a missionary. The Japanese leader in the Pearl Harbor attack read his testimony and became a Christian. The two later teamed up to evangelize Japan.
  • Why God Used D.L. Moody
    Hundreds of thousands of people were saved under the ministry of D. L. Moody. In this presentation, R.A. Torrey explains the reasons why Moody was so effective in winning people to Christ.