Current World Population  Jesus died for all. (1 John 2:2) 


church evangelismChurch Evangelism

Have you ever studied the Book of Acts to see what a Scriptural church program is? They came together to teach, to edify one another, to fellowship, to pray and to observe the Lord's Supper. Did they worship? Possibly. We don't know, because it wasn't mentioned in the Bible. 

They came to be nurtured. They went out to win souls.

What do you think the world would be like today if all of God's churches followed that pattern?

What is the New Testament Church Pattern?

  1. Meet on Sundays to equip the believers.
  2. Pray. Lots of prayer.
  3. Evangelize. That includes winning souls, baptizing the converts, following up and getting them into the church. 
  4. Focus on those priorities. They are God's priorities. 

Does your chuch have a Local Great Commission Outreach Program?

Is it bearing fruit? If people aren't getting saved and baptized, and if they are not getting involved in the church, you are not bearing fruit.

The Biblical Method of Reaching the Lost and Building a Church